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Doctor Santa

Gifts Have Been Posted

Posted by zvi_likes_tv on 2007.12.23 at 00:37
Gifts have been posted!

Please remember to send a thank you to your Santa.

Thanks to everyone for your patience while I got everything ready to put up.

Thanks to sameoldhope for pinchhitting.

Doctor Santa

Feedback post

Posted by zvi_likes_tv on 2007.12.20 at 23:32
2007 Gifts

Doctor Santa

Creations due TODAY!

Posted by zvi_likes_tv on 2007.12.08 at 11:39
This is just a reminder, your images or stories are due today at 11:59 P.M. EST. Please send them in soon.

Thanks, your moderator.

Doctor Santa

Attn Non-responders

Posted by zvi_likes_tv on 2007.11.13 at 23:07
I got a message from one of the people who had signed up but not responded with a request for a Santa. If you are in the same boat and would still like to participate, send me an e-mail (or comment to this post) with three or four story/image prompts, and I will do my best to match you up.

This offer expires at 23:15 EST November 14.

Doctor Santa

Dear Santa

Posted by zvi_likes_tv on 2007.11.13 at 17:55
You can post your Dear Santa Letter as a comment, or you can post a link here to a Dear Santa letter in your LJ.

Have fun.

Doctor Santa

Assignments are going out

Posted by zvi_likes_tv on 2007.11.13 at 15:36
Okay, I'm sorry that the assignments are late going out. There were three people who didn't respond to my request that they send in a Santa letter, so I'm assuming that they've dropped out of the exchange. Unfortunately, some of you had requested those very people as Santas. And some of the people who did turn in letters had not yet been requested as Santas. So, I've had to some fiddling around with the assignments, and a few people got assigned giftees who had not specifically requested them. I did match up so that at least one of the requests matched what every Santa said they were able to do.

Which is to say, I'm sending the assignments out now.

Please e-mail me if the assignment you get is totally impossible for you.

Assignments are due on December 8. Don't forget!

Doctor Santa

Select Your Santa

Posted by zvi_likes_tv on 2007.11.11 at 00:59
Sorry I didn't get to this yesterday. I had something come up.

Okay, the list of Santas with their physician IDs is at http://tinyurl.com/2rrk94 . What I need you to do is send an e-mail to docsantamods@gmail.com with your request. You should request three Santas, listed in order of preference, (the one you most want as #1, the next one you'd be happiest with as #2, the one after that as #3), since these are first come, first served, but I may not be able to update the list right away. Identify the Santa by their physician ID.

You should also include the prompt. You may either give each Santa the same prompt or give a different prompt for each Santa.

After all of the Santas are identified, you may write a Dear Santa letter. There will be a post in the community where you can link to it or post it as a comment.

LiviaPenn has some good advice on posts and Dear Santa letters at http://liviapenn.livejournal.com/477788.html .

Again, I apologize for the delay, and I will do my best to update the spreadsheet to gray out Santas no longer available.


1) Santa #12345 -- Icon set using the Grey's Anatomy theme song (lyrics at http://www.lyricsondemand.com/tvthemes/greysanatomylyrics.html) and pictures of the women of Grey's Anatomy.

2) Santa #4567 -- 1024 X 768 desktop image. Predominant color should be purple: #73667fff.

3) Santa #89012 -- George/Izzie story where they breakup and realize they wish they could have Callie and Alex back, respectively, but Callie and Alex just laugh at them.


Santa #12345, 4567, 89012 -- Happy Cristina/Meredith story, something involving Cristina's Jewish and Korean heritage.

Doctor Santa

Problem with Sign Up?

Posted by zvi_likes_tv on 2007.11.06 at 09:35
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I just had someone tell me they had trouble using the sign up form.

If you are having trouble using the sign up form, please send an e-mail to sign up instead to docsantamods@gmail.com

Here's the information you need

E-mail Address
Fanart or Fanfiction?:
Description of what you are willing to do: [Icons, journal layouts, charcoal drawings, series of drabbles, happy PWP, or angsty hurt/comfort epics. This field is the basis upon which your giftee will select you, so please be specific.]
Signup Type: Story only, pinch hit only, story & pinch hit.

So far, we have 9 people signed up. Remember, sign ups end Friday! If you've been wavering, now is the time to sign up. And please, please, please pimp this challenge in your LJs or IJs, kids. Thanks.

Doctor Santa

Reminder: Signups

Posted by zvi_likes_tv on 2007.10.31 at 19:30
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Sign ups for Doc Santa close on November 9, next Friday. If you have any questions about the rules, please ask me. If you want to see who has signed up so far, you can.

Please, please spread the word. At this point, we only have 8 people signed up, including me. I'd really like to at least hit 10. Even if you don't feel like you can join this year, because you're overcommitted already, please try to pimp your flist. Thanks.

Doctor Santa

Please spread the word

Posted by zvi_likes_tv on 2007.10.23 at 10:21
If you haven't already, please post to your livejournals that this Secret Santa is happening. It's the first time for it, and we're starting a bit late in the season. Also, GA no longer has a newsletter, so it's hard to let people know.

Thanks for your help.

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